You can release your trauma without re-living it, without talking about it, without even thinking about it.

Sound too good to be true? It isn't.

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Trauma Release Breakthrough Sessions

In one one-hour session with Rosalien, the trauma that has haunted you for weeks, months, or years can be neutralized for good through the HeartBeat Trauma Release method. Are you ready?

5 Shifts Course with Session Discount

If you're skeptical about how your trauma can be released from your body and mind in one session, this course is for you. And you'll get a substantial discount on your HeartBeat Trauma Release session.

Free Introductory Mini-Course

Do you think you might be experiencing the effects of a trauma in your life? Do you suspect someone you love is coping with trauma? This free course will help you recognize trauma in yourself or a loved one.

Is This You?

A traumatic event in your recent or far past just won't let go of your body or your mind. You keep reliving the trauma when certain sounds, words, smells or feelings trigger it, day or night.

You feel completely imprisoned by this event and helpless to stop the nightmarish loop. You feel like you are being held hostage by your own thoughts!

Imagine If...

You could be free of your trauma for good, allowing you to let go of the negative emotions and struggles that are holding you hostage.

The best part is that you don’t even have to discuss your traumatic events with us to be free of them. 

This is our BREAKTHROUGH APPROACH to allowing you to finally heal your emotional pain.

About Rosalien Stagg

As a Certified Wellness Counsellor, International Life Coach and Clinical Traumatologist, I am thrilled to offer you my breakthrough method of trauma release.

When I discovered the HeartBeat Trauma Release Method (HTR), I knew in my heart that I was going to be able to change lives in phenomenal ways.

And I was right. Healing that used to take months and sometimes years is now happening in moments.

Trauma can become a thing of the past. And I look forward to sharing with you how you too can let go of your traumas once and for all.

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Book your HTR Breakthrough Session

Remove the effects of trauma in one session. After purchase, you'll be able to schedule your session with Rosalien.


Register for the 5 Shifts course

Find out how and why it is possible to be released from your trauma for good without talk therapy. You'll also receive a $100 discount on your HeartBeat Trauma Release Session with Rosalien. 


Trauma Release Mini-course

Find out more about trauma, its triggers, effects, and popular treatments. An informative introduction to trauma and traumatic events.