The 5 Shifts Course

CAD 29.95 5 Sections 62 Lessons

Course Description

5 Shifts of Preparation for a Trauma Release Session

Course Content

Shift 1

Shift 1 - Feeling Safe With Trauma
Shift 1 Welcome Video (personal message)
Shift 1 Sketch Video
How Safe Do You Feel?
Some Practices To Help You Feel Safe
What Is Your A.C.E. Score?
What Are A.C.E's?
Why Do I Need To Know About A.C.E.'s?
Writing Morning Pages
Why Has Counselling Not Worked?
Shift 1 Podcast - Trauma Tips 11: Feeling Safe When Trauma Hits
Shift 1 Meditation: A Feeling Safe Self-Guided Meditation
Test Your Knowledge - Shift 1
Shift 1 Zoom Call

Shift 2

Shift 2 - Reclaim Your Health Before It's Too Late
Shift 2 Welcome Video (personal message)
Shift 2 Sketch Video
Wellness Wheel Questionnaire
Balancing My Spiritual Self
Balancing My Mental Self
Balancing My Emotional Self
Balancing My Physical Self
How Stress Affects The Body
So How Stressed Are You?
Shift 2 Podcast: Trauma Tip #1 - The Body's Response to Energy
Shift 2 Meditation: Heal Your Body Self-Guided Meditation
Test Your Knowledge - Shift 2
Shift 2 Zoom Call

Shift 3

Shift 3 - Release Negative Beliefs and Learn to Trust
Shift 3 Welcome Video (Personal Message)
Shift 3 Sketch Video: Trauma Transcendence
Possible Core Beliefs Surrounding Trauma
Exploring My Possible Beliefs Surrounding Trauma
Problem Solving Negative Beliefs
Tricky Family Questionnaire
How Stubborn Are You?
Discovering Your Top 3 Core Beliefs
Do I Trust Myself and Others?
Shift 3 Podcast: Trauma is Subjective
Shift 3 Meditation: Releasing Old Beliefs to Heal
Test Your Knowledge - Shift 3
Shift 3 Zoom Call

Shift 4

Shift 4: Introducing the HTR Method
Shift 4 Welcome Video (Personal Message)
Shift 4 Sketch Video: Interweaving the Golden Thread
What Is Energy Psychology?
How Do I Know If I Have Personal Strength?
What Is PTG?
How Do I Identify Blocked Emotions?
Introducing the HTR Method
Shift 4 Podcast: How To Support Someone Going Through Trauma
Shift 4 Meditation: Weaving The Golden Thread
Test Your Knowledge - Shift 4
Shift 4 Zoom Call

Shift 5

Shift 5: What If You Don't Heal Your Trauma?
Shift 5 Welcome Video (Personal Message)
Shift 5 Sketch Video: Invest In An Expert
What Might Happen If I Don't Heal My Trauma?
What If Trauma Is Left Unhealed?
How Do I Support Someone Going Through Trauma?
How Do I Support Myself Through Trauma?
Pro's and Con's of Healing Trauma
Motivations For Healing My Trauma
Shift 5 Podcast: Trauma Screaming Back At Us
Shift 5 Meditation: Surrendering To Move Forward
Test Your Knowledge - Shift 5
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